The "Youth Employment Policy" Conference – hope for new and better solutions for young people.

The "Youth Employment Policy" Conference – hope for new and better solutions for young people.

"It's difficult but not impossible" is the slogan of the meeting where representatives of various backgrounds were wondering how to improve existing employment support programs.


Scientists, representatives of public administration and non-governmental organizations a total of over 200 people from over 31 countries, discussed the most important topics related to the situation of young people, including women, in the labour market.


It is a rare opportunity for representatives of various circles to share their research, observations and experiences, to present their point of view on problems that affect young people all over Europe, and to jointly develop better, more effective solutions for the future.


The conference "Youth Employment Policy" was also an unprecedented opportunity to look at the existing programs and make the necessary changes to them. Raffaele Trapasso noted that the Youth Guarantee Program is not a magic wand that will solve Europe's problems on its own. So what we need is support, discussion, new challenges and data as presented at the Conference.




We are delighted that the four-year Youth Employment PartnerSHIP Project, which closes the Conference "Youth Employment Policy ", has resulted in such in-depth research and an abundance of data that have a chance to influence the shape of public policies in European countries. We would like to thank the panellists and conference participants for their input, knowledge and thoughts shared during the Conference.


And with the hope that the meeting will have the widest possible and building impact on shaping public policies, and, as a result, on the quality of life of young people in Europe, we invite you to read the source materials and watch the video conference footage.


You are most welcome!