Registration of NEETs as jobseekers: variation across regions.

outreach report

Márton Csillag Ágota Scharle


The purpose of this paper is to a mapping of the propensity to register as jobseeker of non-employed youths (NEETs)  in Hungary. We first show that the extremely low (less than 25 %) registration rate of Hungarian NEETs is not simply due to composition effects: only around half of the young persons wanting to work are registered as unemployed. Following up on this, we also show that indeed large differences across regions and micro-regions of Hungary cannot be attributed to the composition of NEETs. We further analyse how these differences are correlated with the characteristics of the regions and find that larger and more developed micro-regions have lower registration rates, but that local labour offices with more staff seem more successful are convincing NEETs to register as jobseekers.

Registration of NEETs as jobseekers: variation across regions.


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year: 2022

language: English

thematic categories: outreach report

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