NEETs in Europe: gender dimension

NEETs in Europe: gender dimension

Materials from the Public Hearing of the FEMM Committee on labour and social situation of women in the EU - 27.02, European Parliament in Brussels

See Iga Magda's full presentation from the Public Hearing of the Committee on Women's Rights and Gender Equality, where she spoke about the gender dimension of NEETs in Europe (→ presentation). After all, the highest share of NEETs in Europe are among women aged 25-34.

Iga Magda reminded the MEPs that young women often become inactive due to care-giving obligations. They risk social exclusion and are less likely to secure a job with an appropriate salary in the future – it’s vital to evaluate and improve policies supporting their return to the labour market or education system.

She called for a complex and well tailored policy response to the NEET situation in Europe, reminding the MEPs about the importance of the gender dimension. She then underlined the need for more action to activate and support young women on the labour market.

Watch the FEMM Public Hearing here:

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