“Youth employment policy” Conference

“Youth employment policy” Conference
Brussels & online

8th of June 2022 Business &Science Poland Conference Centre Rue Belliard 40, Brussels + online







Over 10 million young people are neither in employment nor education (NEET) in the European Union.

How can we help them find jobs?

We were looking for an answer to this question in Italy, Hungary, Poland, and Spain. We will present our results and discuss:

  • which public programs are helpful and which are costly and ineffective,
  • why reaching out to young jobless people is such a challenge and what should we do about that,
  • why young women have worse employment opportunities and how to strengthen gender equality.

The Youth Guarantee has helped millions of young people across the EU in recent years. However, not all jobless people could use it. Should we cover all vulnerable individuals with the new EU initiative ‘Bridge to Jobs’, we must find a way to improve public programs.

You can join our conference in Brussels on-site or online. To confirm your presence please sign in by May 24th.


Dr Max Uebe, Head of Unit Future of Work, Youth Employment in DG Employment will give
the opening speech we are proud to announce.


And an active part as speakers and panellists will take:
Julie Bodson, DUO for a JOB
Márton Csillag, Budapest Institute
Namita Datta, World Bank
Vasi Gafiuc, Bukovina Institute
Joanna Hofman, RAND
Marcel Jansen, FEDEA
Judith Krekó, Budapest Institute
Astrid Kunze, NHH - Norwegian School of Economics
Iga Magda, Institute for Structural Research
Veerle Miranda, OECD
Cillian Nolan, J-PAL Europe
Emiliano Rustichelli, Employment Committee
Ágota Scharle, Budapest Institute
Mateusz Smoter, Institute for Structural Research
Raffaele Trapasso, OECD
Claudia Villosio, Collegio Carlo Alberto
Wouter Zwysen, ETUI

files to download

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