3rd IZA/World Bank/NJD Conference on Jobs and Development

3rd IZA/World Bank/NJD Conference on Jobs and Development

The 2020 Jobs and Development Conference took place online on September 1-4, 2020.

The event was co-organised by IBS and focused on policy-relevant research, applicable to identifying solutions to jobs challenges in low and middle-income countries. It featured two keynote speeches, a policy panel and about 90 paper presentations (program).

Three researchers from the Youth Employment PartnerSHIP took part as presenters in Session 4D: Youth Employment, chaired by Namita Datta (World Bank).

Judit Krekó from the Budapest Institute (BI) presented a study on the effects of a short-term job trial program on young jobseekers’ careers. Iga Magda from the Institute for Structural Research (IBS) and IZA delivered the presentation “What Works for Whom? Youth Labor Market Policy in Poland” in which she compared the effectiveness of labour market policies in Poland addressed at the youth. Francesco Trentini from the Collegio Carlo Alberto (CCA) showed the preliminary results of a counterfactual evaluation study on the short-term effect of a mix of labour market policies on the transition to stable employment for young workers.


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